Colours in Nature by Catherine the Garden Lady

April is a wonderful month as first signs of spring start to appear and we can look forward to warmer and sunnier days. It’s lambing season, the birds start singing, the trees and hedgerows are dressed in green with bursts of intoxicating colour and the bulbs and blossoms are little short of mesmerising.  A lovely start to spring gardening.

We love April for its colours and warmth but it can also be a cold month with lots of showers and sometimes even frost. So take the time to look at your garden fill with warm spring colours when the days are bright. You should try having a big bowl
of grape hyacinths on the patio, then follow these with tulips for a brilliant season-long display.


In spring, you are infused with new energy

Things seem to accelerate now. In spring, you are infused with new energy, filled with fresh plans and fired with enthusiasm for the gardening season ahead. With more flowers opening every day and the increased likelihood for damp weather, there
is usually a rush of growth on perennials. This is also a good time for sowing seeds in the vegetable garden as most will germinate readily now. Plan your bedding schemes of annual and new shrubs with perennials for the border, but keep an eye out for the frosty weather!

Having herbs means that you can pick and sprinkle them into your dinner whenever you like, it’s a great way to enjoy nature! If you think you lack space for an herb patch, then think again as you can grow them just about anywhere. For  example, mixed in with flowers, edging a vegetable plot or in a patio tub or window box. Containers can also provide a home  for essential herbs like oregano and rosemary.

Colours in Nature – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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