Timing it right by Catherine the Garden Lady

Gardening is one of life’s many pleasures. For me, it is all about engaging with the process, working through the seasons and reaping the rewards from your efforts. A garden can be a tremendous source of relaxation, it brings you food and joy, and gives you the chance to practise your artistic talents – and you don’t even have to leave your home for any of it.

Take time to look at your garden with the aim of adding something colourful and of interest to it where you can. One idea is to combine your planting with a range of “hard features” such as fences, walls, patios and paths.

Space is not an issue.

You may think that you do not have the space to have a garden but don’t forget that you can grow things on a window sill, put pots by your front or back door and plant some hanging baskets to bring an array of colour to your outdoor space.


Keep your garden notebook to hand and the following in mind when planning your gardening tasks for this year:

  • Soil: Do you need to prepare the soil for planting? (Forking it over and removing all large stones and traces of weeds is always a good idea.)
  • Planting: When is a good time to add new plants to the garden?
  • Lawns: What attention does your lawn need? When is the best time to make a new lawn?
  • Growing things from seed: Which plants do you want to grow from seed? If you have seedlings, are they ready for potting on or planting out?
  • Under cover: What needs to be done in the greenhouse to keep the plants happy?
  • Pests and diseases: How do you spot signs of these and what action should you take to deal with them?


With the increase in daylight hours you may want to spend more time outdoors and start tackling all the jobs that you have been thinking about during the winter months. Seeing first signs of new life emerge in your garden at this time of year, will help you to find your motivation. You can also get started inside by starting to grow plants from seed.

Timing is Right – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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