Taking The Leap – by Catherine the Garden Lady

We love May for its heady change of pace.  This is the month of frantic activity.  There are beautiful new flowers, sights and sensations every day.

With the month of May, we all enjoy being out in the garden after the long cold winter.  Warm sunny days enable you to enjoy planting, weeding and any cutting back and tidying up of the garden ready for the summer.  The best part is buying plants!

The garden begins to fill with colour as the weather warms up, spring shrubs and bulbs are all in flower.  A tip to make the most of your garden is to plan what you want to do and how you want to use it as a space.  There is a lot you can do now including creating a new lawn from turf or seed. In late Spring, most perennial flowers are suitable for dividing to make more plants and in summer they will benefit from pruning, regular dead-heading and staking to look their best later in the season.

You can now start gardening under cover; sowing tender vegetables for the kitchen garden, sowing seeds and preparing your seed beds outdoors – remember to protect your crops!

Plant of the month – the brightest stars of the season are Tulips with shades of pink, with splashes of purples and orange glow amid green foliage.

Top tip -plant garlic around roses and fruit trees as it is good to use against pests like codling moths, snails and root maggots.

Taking The Leap – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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