High Summer – Written by Catherine the Garden Lady

Summer is a wonderful time of year with homegrown produce to be enjoyed and an abundance of blooms, bees and butterflies to look at. Some people may say that August is a nostalgic month with all of us having fond memories of long summer holidays from school, enjoying the hot and sunny weather spending time in the garden or going away on holiday. August can be a lazy summer gardening month with not much to do but just enough to keep us occupied. It is the perfect time to enjoy your garden and to settle into a gently swinging hammock with a refreshing summer drink in your hand. The weather should be mostly hot and dry at this time of year while the colours in the garden are bright with bold splashes of colour from dahlias and hanging baskets.

I often hear people say that spring is the best time to enjoy the colours and flowers in the garden but I disagree as each month is a great time to enjoy the delights of your garden. Take some time to have a closer look at yours. Is it boring you? Are you playing it safe with a bit of this and a bit of that? Do the beds, borders and shrubs, roses and perennials lack excitement?

Is it time for an overhaul?

Do you need new ideas to get more enjoyment out of your garden? Start planning what you want to change in your garden now so that you are prepared for when the time comes to make changes. Keep little green fingers busy this summer by giving young children a safe place to play in the garden and offer them the opportunity to learn more about plants and nature. You can, for example, put worms to work – compost making can be great fun for children (use tiger worms which you can get in fishing shops), organise a bug hunt, build a bug box, collect seeds or create a fairy garden. There are plenty of exciting garden activities out there for children that just require a little help and guidance so have fun!

High Summer – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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