Back to the Fuchsias

We love August for its long, halcyon days and as it’s generally a lazy month for gardening, take time to enjoy your garden.  Soak up the bright colours and heady scents from Roses such as Gertrude Jekyll.

The secret to creating a glorious, productive garden is love and attention so keep dead heading and remove seed pods to encourage repeat flowering.

By cutting flowers to enjoy in the house, plants such as Dahlias and Sweet Peas will carry on producing flowers right up until the first frost.

Your kitchen garden will be growing rapidly so protect your fruits and vegetables from pests with netting and companion planting. Regularly harvest and enjoy your crisp, fresh produce.

To keep your plants healthy, keep weeding as they harbour fungal diseases like grey mould.

Grow a beard! Bearded irises get congested and under-perform over time so help them rejuvenate by lifting and dividing large clumps and replanting healthy pieces of rhizome (the fleshy bulb at the base) 20cm apart, leaving the top of it just above ground level.

Cuttings: Softwood cuttings that you took earlier in the season should be starting to root so pot on now.  Soft-stemmed cuttings (short lengths of non-flowering shoots) from plants such as Fucshias will root successfully in water on a warm window sill. Remember to choose a hardy variety that will make it through winter.

Tip: Hyssop is a superb bee-friendly plant and makes effective and colourful ground cover underneath grapevines and other climbing plants.

Back to the Fuchsias – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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