The heat of the moment by Catherine the Garden Lady

We love July for long hot days the abundant bees, blooms and produce. This period – sometimes called the dog days of summer is often the hottest time of the year, also the time when many people start to take their holidays. It is the month when trees are no longer flushed with youth and the leaves are getting leathery, with early flowers a memory and a time for splashes of annual colour from dahlias and hanging baskets, enjoy early vegetables and watch apples swell.

Watering is the most time-consuming chore in the summer garden, devote your attention to only the plants that need watering and water efficiently so that no effort is wasted. Containers need most frequent watering but are ways you can get around that like group pots together and not have in full sun. Some vegetables benefit from watering at key stages of development. Have a look at your watering systems, up to date equipment, an outside tap and have a water butt. When watering thoroughly soaks the soil around each plant once a week rather than sprinkling little and often.

Beneficial creatures, working with nature has a lot of benefits for the busy gardener. With this time of year for frogs leave some long grass and a few logs or big stones, what are the beneficial creatures you can have in your garden like bats, newt slow-worm, ladybird, hedgehogs and ground beetle.

Tip – do not spend money on canes for plant supports look at twigs you can cut to create support for plants to grow up.

The Heat of the Moment – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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