Flutter of Red  by Catherine the Garden Lady

We love June for a month full of colour and heady scents. We have all been dreaming about the summer after the long winter, a month to full in love with flowers in abundance so showering you with petals could not be easier. The grass is soft and inviting with warm sun to raise the spirits, breathing in the scents of the garden, listening to bees and tasting the first salads with strawberries.

As the longest day of the year approaches the garden takes on a more established look with lots of jobs to do now keeping the garden looking at it best. Suckers need to be remove from around the base of trees and shrubs, keep on top of weeds and if warm and dry hoe the weeds but dug up perennials weeds, with herbs start harvesting the leaves, keep on top of jobs with the vegetables like sowing quick-developing crops, with the greenhouse water tomatoes and keep a close eye on the temperature, with summer containers and baskets water daily.

Top Tip – for a change try suspending a hanging baskets from sturdy suitably placed branches on garden trees which do not have dense leaf cover.

The 7 mistakes to avoid when buying plants or planting –

1 Avoid impulse buys.

2 Doing your homework before hand, get to know your garden.

3 Do not avoid the aftercare like watering and feeding.

4 Avoid planting just one plant, plant in groups.

5 Do not just plant in the ground, always prepare the soil before planting.

6 Do not buy weak specimens

7 Avoid discoloured foliage, lank stems and full flowers.

Flutters of Red – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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