Plan ahead during Winter by Catherine the Garden Lady

Not much is going on in our gardens at this time of year. With winter gardening, the weather is miserable and February can be quite a dull month. A bit of horticulture and vigorous gardening will restore your garden to an oasis of joy but for now just sit back in your chair with a cup of tea and reflect on the past gardening year. It is very easy to get caught up in the week-to-week bustle of the garden during the summer and you can easily miss out on enjoying it, so use the winter slowdown to take note of your achievements. Your garden should bring you joy and be a shelter from the stresses of the outside world and the busy lives we lead.

As the days get longer and first signs of spring start to show with the snowdrops emerging, take time to reflect on the beauty of your garden and begin to make plans. You can, for example, play around with different shapes of borders and focal points, especially if you are thinking of making adjustments or wish to try out something new. Do you have any photographs of gardens that you could use for inspiration? Try to choose a few fun projects that will transform your outdoor space.

How about growing something new, like fruit for example? Apples, pears, currants and raspberries are all fairly easy to grow. Or how about taking on a big project like a new shed, overhauling the border or a new patio?

Get planning and start now! Order your seeds for spring and choose your vegetable crop varieties and flower seeds to ensure that you get hold of the seeds you want; gardening magazines and online shops will provide you with a great choice. Also check tree ties and stakes and replace or refasten them where needed and repair any broken plant supports and fences in readiness for the growing season.

Plan ahead during Winter – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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