New Year, New Garden by Catherine the Garden Lady

January can be an awful month – the miserable weather and short days leave us with little energy, especially after Christmas, and there is certainly not much happening in our gardens at this time of year. Times like these can make us wonder why we bother with the garden but don’t be disheartened – nicer months are on their way and I believe that your garden will soon help you feel fulfilled. Gardening eases the stresses of everyday life and helps you relate to nature, whether you enjoy growing plants in pots, utilising your greenhouse or looking out on to a wonderful garden with lots of different shapes and an abundance of colours.

January is the perfect time to reflect on the past garden year. You may have even taken notes over the months that you can refer back to. What has worked well? What did you like and dislike? How much time do you have to look after and work in your garden? What are the next garden projects you would like to undertake? These are just some of the things you need to ask yourself when planning your garden for the coming year. While the weather is bad, sit down with a cup of tea, grab that last piece of Christmas cake and browse through some seed catalogs but don’t get too carried away! Try and be sensible, especially if funds and growing space are limited, just start with something small such as brassicas, onions, beans and carrots.

Once the weather improves

Once the weather improves, you will need to get yourself out in the garden again – start the new year with a bit of high energy horticulture, it will get the blood flowing and you will feel much happier and better in yourself. Start by scrubbing the greenhouse before you

begin sowing and growing under glass but remember to clean the emptied greenhouse on a dry day.

January Gardening Top Tip:

You can lift your garden from the depths of the darkest month with shots of red, green and white with Cornus alba (Dogwood shrubs), Skimmia japonica, Daphne mezereum, Winter jasmine and Eranthis winter aconite.

New Year, New Garden  – Written by Catherine Williams, The Garden Lady

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